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Ways to Keep Your House Cleaner and Healthier


House cleaning doesn't have to be a chore, and with all the concerns over how bad some household cleaners are these days, it is no wonder that people are trying to improve the state of their residential health. What most people don't know or realize is that there are many natural ways to keep your house clean.

One of the ways to keep your house from smelling bad is to maintain the cleanliness of your indoor garbage cans. You should really do this on a regular basis, at least once a week. Many times, people do house cleaning because there is this smell that keeps lingering - and it is the garbage.

What common house hold item can help you with this problem? Your common vinegar. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, and can be used for a variety of different things. If you have a problem with the smell, use some apple cider vinegar when you clean, it has a more pleasant smell.

Keep one bottle with your house cleaning supplies. Not only will it clean and disinfect most surfaces, it will kill mold in it's tracks. The problem with mold and residential health is that many people think that bleach will kill mold. Not true, it does a great job of removing surface mold, but mold starts deeper. The enzymes in vinegar eat the underlying mold spores, not just on the surfaces.

Instead of using harsh air fresheners, buy some aromatic freshly cut flowers, or buy a potted plant that has a strong fragrance, to cut down on irritating smells. It will improve your overall residential health, and a living plant has many other benefits, such as enjoying the care of it. Many people even talk to their plants, and is good therapy after a long stressful day.

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If your house cleaning includes trying to unclog a sink or other drain, or if you want to improve the smell of your garbage disposal, don't use harsh chemicals, there are many environmentally safe and conscious products that use natural enzymes to open drains and clear your disposal.

You can improve your residential health by getting rid of those furniture polishers, and use products that contain mineral or plant oils, like lemon oil. Another good trick uses the ever useful vinegar again. A half a cup of while vinegar and one teaspoon of olive oil mixed together not only disinfects the surface, but the oil penetrates and helps to preserve the wood's natural beauty.

You would be surprise what other common every day items can help with house cleaning. Cinnamon sprinkled where you find those pesky black ants will keep them away. Their sworn enemy, the red ant, gives off a scent exactly like Cinnamon, and keeps the black ants away.

You can clean your silver with tooth paste, and clean your copper items like the bottom of those nice pots with lemon juice and a little salt.

You can find many more tips and information about using natural ingredients when searching for house cleaning online. There are many websites that are dedicated to improving residential health by showing you how to use natural cleaners, and air fresheners. It isn't hard to find an abundance of information on this subject.

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